Rebellion on RTÉ

The boys should all follow the new drama mini-series ‘Rebellion’ on RTÉ.

We will be learning lots more about the topic of 1916 as we draw closer to the centenary celebrations.

The image above links to RTÉ Player.

Eclipse !

Today we got to experience the eclipse in school. This was a pretty special event considering that it won’t occur again until 2026. Deirdre Kelleghan from the St. Cronan’s Stargazers Astronomy Club came along with large filtered telescopes and eclipse glasses.

The Bray People photographer was there, and she even climbed up on top of our teacher’s car to get the best photo of us all!

Eclipse 2015 (1) Eclipse 2015 (2)    Eclipse 2015 (4)  Eclipse 2015 (3)Eclipse 2015 (5)

The Pale Blue Dot

This month we will be studying the Solar System and Outer Space.

To whet the appetite, have a look at this short video, with narration by Carl Sagan, the famous American astronomer and cosmologist.

Lots of e-Learning Homework on the link below;

Concern Visit

Today we had a visit from Claire O’Carroll from Concern. She spoke to us about poverty and the effects of climate change on the people in the developing world, particularly in Chad, Africa.

Concern Visit (1) Concern Visit (2)

Some videos that she showed us;

Themes for January

Welcome back after the holidays! I hope that everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

The two major themes that we will be working on this month are;

                                       The Great Famine                                              African Nations


Click on the pictures above for links to lots of e-learning work for the boys to do during the month.