The Solar System and Space

For the next couple of weeks, we will be learning all about the Solar System and Space in general. You can follow the link below to learn lots more.


Weather & Climate

This month, we are learning all about Weather, Climate and Global Warming.

Lots more information on the link above.

Eclipse !

Today we got to experience the eclipse in school. This was a pretty special event considering that it won’t occur again until 2026. Deirdre Kelleghan from the St. Cronan’s Stargazers Astronomy Club came along with large filtered telescopes and eclipse glasses.

The Bray People photographer was there, and she even climbed up on top of our teacher’s car to get the best photo of us all!

Eclipse 2015 (1) Eclipse 2015 (2)    Eclipse 2015 (4)  Eclipse 2015 (3)Eclipse 2015 (5)