While school is closed …

While school is closed, it gives the boys the opportunity to get plenty of work done on their European Country Project and their Peace Poster!



European Project

This month we are going to be learning all about the countries of the European Union and the other countries in Europe too.  We got presents from the EU too; a book with information about all 28 member states, and a large map of Europe to bring home with us. Lots of information on the link below.

We have a project to do too, and the guidelines are below.

European Country Project Guidelines – Oct 2017

Themes for January

Welcome back after the holidays! I hope that everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

The two major themes that we will be working on this month are;

                                       The Great Famine                                              African Nations


Click on the pictures above for links to lots of e-learning work for the boys to do during the month.