St. Patrick’s Day Parade with Bray Lions Club

Bray Lions Club is inviting some of the boys 5th and 6th class to march with them in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as part of the PAWS Project (PAWS = Promoting Awareness, Working & Supporting the Lions Club). As you may be aware, the club support many projects in the local schools in Bray, most notably the Peace Poster Competition in which our class took part earlier this year.

The boys will be carrying placards which show the work that the Lions Club does in Bray, and they will be wearing the St. Cronan’s GAA jerseys that were sponsored by the Lions Club.

The meeting point will be at the gates of St. Cronan’s at 2.30pm on Tuesday 17th March. They will finish marching at about 4pm at the reviewing stand, which is just before the Barracuda on the Seafront. The boys will need to be collected from here, or alternatively parents are very welcome to march along with them in the parade.

Please let me know if your son can take part.


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