April’s Theme: 1916 Rising & the Foundation of the State

Since the amount of school days during April is quite short, it is important to start working on this month’s theme over the Easter holidays;

‘1916 Easter Rising and the Foundation of the State’.

Click below for the e-Learning Homework on this topic;


League Winner

Look whose team won the Wicklow U-13 Premier League 2014/15 today! Congrats!

Wicklow U13 Premier League champions 2014-15

Free Breakfast

Today, we took advantage of McDonalds giving away free breakfasts, as a treat for how well we performed in the Mermaid at last weekend’s concerts.

When we got back to class, we had a good discussion about healthy eating and eating fast food in moderation. Lots of the boys like to treat themselves from time to time, but on the whole we all agreed that our class are a healthy eating bunch!

IMG_9799 IMG_9803

Coder Dojo

Are you really interested in computers? Do you want to learn more about computer programming?

You should check out the Coder Dojo group that meets in Pres College every Saturday. Click below for details.

Music Generation Concert

The boys were absolutely magnificent in the two Music Generation Concerts in the Mermaid today! Huge thanks to the composer Vincent Kennedy and our violin teacher Sinéad Finegan for all their help on our journey to today’s performance.

Music Generation Concert 2015 (3)Music Generation Concert 2015 (1) Music Generation Concert 2015 (2)

Music Generation Concert 2015 (4) Music Generation Concert 2015 (5) Music Generation Concert 2015 (6)

You can see some behind the scenes footage from our rehearsals below.

Eclipse !

Today we got to experience the eclipse in school. This was a pretty special event considering that it won’t occur again until 2026. Deirdre Kelleghan from the St. Cronan’s Stargazers Astronomy Club came along with large filtered telescopes and eclipse glasses.

The Bray People photographer was there, and she even climbed up on top of our teacher’s car to get the best photo of us all!

Eclipse 2015 (1) Eclipse 2015 (2)    Eclipse 2015 (4)  Eclipse 2015 (3)Eclipse 2015 (5)

Lá Glas – Coins for Bray Cancer

Ar an Aoine, beidh na buachaillí in ann éadaí glas a chaitheamh le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge. Beidh an rang ag bailiú airgead do Bray Cancer Support / Purple House.

On Friday, all the boys will be allowed to wear green to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge. We will be collecting coins for Bray Cancer Support who have recently been renamed Purple House.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade with Bray Lions Club

Bray Lions Club is inviting some of the boys 5th and 6th class to march with them in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as part of the PAWS Project (PAWS = Promoting Awareness, Working & Supporting the Lions Club). As you may be aware, the club support many projects in the local schools in Bray, most notably the Peace Poster Competition in which our class took part earlier this year.

The boys will be carrying placards which show the work that the Lions Club does in Bray, and they will be wearing the St. Cronan’s GAA jerseys that were sponsored by the Lions Club.

The meeting point will be at the gates of St. Cronan’s at 2.30pm on Tuesday 17th March. They will finish marching at about 4pm at the reviewing stand, which is just before the Barracuda on the Seafront. The boys will need to be collected from here, or alternatively parents are very welcome to march along with them in the parade.

Please let me know if your son can take part.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

An tseachtain seo, beidh an rang ag ceilúiradh Seachtain na Gaeilge.

This week, we will be celebrating all the positive aspects of our Irish culture, including our music, dance, sports and of course the Irish language itself.

Damhsa Gaelach

Today, we were brushing up on our dancing skills with Mrs Dornan. Next week, we will be helping to teach some of the junior classes some Damhsa Gaelach (Irish Dancing) as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Dance Practice - March 2015 (1) Dance Practice - March 2015 (5) Dance Practice - March 2015 (7) Dance Practice - March 2015 (10)

Tickets for the Mermaid Concert

Having spoken with the Mermaid Theatre, they feel that it is best for parents to purchase tickets directly from them, either by dropping into the Mermaid, or purchasing them online by clicking below;

There will be two concerts on the day, at 3.00pm and at 4.30pm,

and tickets are priced very reasonably at €12 for a family of 4 people.